Different options for sponsors

Vid and photo combo

Photos and videos in one slider. The sponsor has links and end slid also. ( max 3 elements with free version). 


Add any photo that can be placed anywhere that acts as a link. GIF also work

Action cards inside videos

Small action cards can be placed at any time in the videos. they ac as links when clicked on them. Only videos we imported can receive action cards

AFR news

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Great Specials

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Exam Results

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Sponsor an event day

Can add a picture of sponsor as well as make the day stand out with different color. A link to their site can be placed on the view page.

(Go to NTE 10 June)

Sponsor an event day

Add short animations of sponsors in-between content. has a link that takes them to their site. 

Sponsor Strip

Add videos or photos of sponsors with various links build into it.



Subscription videos

Sign up before you can view it. all content is captured and exclusive content can be made available to these members

Paid videos

PAy before you can view it. it can also be pay to rent. Paypal is the only real option to pay with.

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